Movers and Shakers...GPRO, TWTR, TSLA

GPRO - The stock exploded 8.12% today to close at $63.52. Its up 68% in less then a month.

Video recorders and cameras have been around for a long time but now they're small and wearable. Combine this with social media and it proves just how much we love to show off what we're doing whatever it is that we do.


TWTR -  Moving 2.56% higher today to close at $52.00 and up 79% over the last 3 months.

Similar in a way to GPRO it is another way for us to express ourselves. We can speak our mind and share whatever we feel necessary whenever we want.

How Twitter continues to monetize and attract new users moving forward will be key to the stocks performance.


TSLA - Same old same old. Once again short sellers are being taken out behind the woodshed. The stock is only $4 off its all time closing high of $286.04. On Friday the stock sold off and gave the shorts some hope. Today a nice $4.72 pop.