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29. March 2018
There's no magical indicator or chart formation to tell us that we have in fact seen the top in stocks. Like the perma-bears, many will try and predict the top only to be wrong year after year until it happens. Then they will tell you they told you so. This isn't very helpful.

08. February 2018
I'm sure there are some pretty bad teachers out there but the stock market has to be one of the worst...

22. August 2017
Dick's Sporting Good's stock got clobbered for a 21% haircut last week. Just another victim of the "Amazon Effect". Who will be the Internet's next victim?

10. August 2017
The DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) record run of 9 consecutive days ended with Donald Trump's "fire and fury" comments to North Korea. The record for the DJIA is 12 consecutive days of gains and that was set in January 1987, months before the Black Monday crash. Maybe it has something to do with the number 7...

12. July 2017
As a business If you’re not up to date on current trends you might become the next Kodak, Blockbuster, Sears or real estate developer building the next enclosed mall. It’s not enough anymore to know and understand your industry. You need to know how people in general are responding to new and innovative technology.

20. June 2017
Why a trend follower with a long term time frame would've never bought Cenovus Energy's stock...

09. May 2017
There are some potential risks to Canadian stocks including the price of oil, housing prices and a head and shoulders top formation.

06. April 2017
Canadian’s are very loyal when it comes to investing in home grown companies. This is often reflected in our heavily weighted portfolios of natural resource stocks and of course, our financial institutions. Living in the heart of oil and gas country, I know how easy it is to get caught in a trap investing in companies in our own backyard.

30. March 2017
Robo-advisors have been increasing in popularity over the last few years especially among Millennials or Generation Y. This popularity has been caused by several factors but mostly it’s the low fee, high tech, app based platform that's attractive to this cohort.

01. February 2017
DOW 20,000 is here! Or at least it was a few days ago. I'm sure you've seen the headlines so it shouldn't come as a surprise that major North American equity markets are at or near all-time highs, including the TSX Composite. How did this happen? There was Brexit, the Donald Trump surprise victory, rising interest rates, a slow down in the Chinese economy, a collapse in the Euro, plunging oil prices etc. These events were suppose to be catalysts for a sell off yet all of them combined could not...

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