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Bull Markets - Some Loved, Some Hated...

RF Newsletter #24 | April 13, 2017

Lets start with the hated. North American Stocks continue higher and like I wrote in my blog post from February of this year, The Stock Train Rolls On. This is still an unloved bull market and stocks could keep moving higher as many investors remain on the sidelines...

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Why Are "They" Getting It So Wrong?

RF Newsletter #22 | December 9, 2016

First BREXIT then Donald Trump. I can understand getting it wrong when its expected to be a close decision but both of these outcomes were suppose to be long shots. So much for the main stream media and pollsters.

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It's Noisy Out There

RF Newsletter #21 | October 14, 2016

Will the US Federal Reserve raise interest rates this December? Will OPEC freeze production? What will be the long term effects of BREXIT? Will crude oil go to $30, $60 or both? Is Canada in a real estate bubble? Will Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton become...

Invest Like A Millennial

RF Newsletter #16 | March 11, 2016

Social media, e-commerce, wearable tech, the sharing economy, these are just a few of the interests among the millennial generation.

What is a millennial? Also known as generation Y they were born somewhere between...

Oil - How Low Can It Go?

RF Newsletter #13 | January 15, 2016

As I've often said before in my blog posts and newsletters, no one knows where the bottom is until after the fact. The analysts, journalists and talking heads on TV get paid to make predictions so that's what they do. The only way these predictions can help investors like you and I is when they become overwhelmingly "extreme" in one...